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The InPlay blog contest, Entry No. 7. Meet author Brian Sheldon.

By Brian Sheldon

For InPlay Capital Region

I’ve always been a big fella, which I’m fine

Growing up, I felt as if I had to be the funny guy to gain approval from others. My size was a constant reminder that I wasn’t going to be like most everybody else.

When I started doing theater I was almost always cast as the funny guy on the side. It was comfortable. Until I saw an audition for The Full Monty at SLOC.

I saw that the role of Dave was a lead and it called for a heavier actor. I prepared like I never prepared before. I was cast and spent two months rehearsing. Opening night came and I was struggling with the nudity the show called for. I knew I would go through with but it wasn’t until the moment right before I pulled the VERY small under off and stood there in all my glory that I truly felt alive. It was freeing in the greatest of ways.

Since then I am full of confidence which drives me to tell and create empowering stories.


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