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Coming-of-age comedy 'Stroke of Luck' gallops into production in Lenox, Stockbridge

BOSTON -- Director Christian Frelinghuysen’s new feature film Stroke Of Luck”, a coming-of-age comedy about love, life and a talking horse is galloping into production in Lenox and Stockbridge, Mass.
The script of award-winning writer/director Christian Frelinghuysen is a “Superbad style” comedy. The feature will be shot entirely on location at the Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio, the historic house museum and former Bauhaus style art studio in Lenox/Stockbridge this October. Entertainment legends have joined in the production of Stroke of Luck, including Lenox’s Shakespeare & Company, Hollywood producer Mark Ferrell III, Stephen Snyder (the PitBull) Casting. The TransMedia Group is securing product placement opportunities with the likes of Vineyard Vines, Solo Red Cups, GMC Trucks, Party City, and Berkshire Brewing Company and Joe’s Diner in Lenox. Frelinghuysen’s most recent film, “The Ousting” (Trump/Stormy Daniels allegorical story), was a huge success. TransMedia Group is looking to spread the word about the film and create more product placement opportunities. Feature film product placement is a great way to attract more customers to your business. 
By participating in product placement of "Stroke of Luck," companies will get a major tax rebate in the state of Massachusetts, free press, they will be listed in the end credits and will be a part of history in a “Superbad” style feature film comedy! The company brand name will be mentioned in nationwide press releases, newspaper articles and viral videos The Stroke of Luck script takes a comedic look at socio-economic divides and family relations. The film’s main character, Nathan, is on the verge of graduating from high school when he takes blame for a class prank that gets him expelled. This leads to him to relocating to his father’s horse farm learning about discipline. But Nathan hates horses. When he gets there, however, he learns his Dad’s farm is in jeopardy. Nathan takes the reins and befriends a talking horse and gets tested to the limits on the farm. Will he save his father’s farm or let it sink into oblivion? Please reach out to TransMedia Group for further information about participating in the making of “Stroke of Luck.”
Media contact: Catherine DeHaan 561-750-9800 x2330;


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